Basic run down.

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Basic run down.

Post  Kritikal808 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:21 am

All "Rush" maps have a flaw and a positive and what i mean by that is. On some maps there is always one crucial objective that needs to be taken by FORCE and one that can be maneuvered on. On Some maps certain objectives can simple be brought down as were the other needs to be taken by force. This is my basic run down of "All" maps with simple run downs.

Harvest day:
-First set of Objectives: Approach Alpha with force with cross covering fire using tanks and team members. Bravo Set and plant C4 and overwatch from upstairs or blow building down with Tanks/Cav/UAV.
-Second Set: Flanking maneuvers by all team members from the far right to get behind the defending team while Tanks coming from the left and up the middle seem to work the best.
-Third Set: Flanking far left and using all buildings to your advantage for covering fire while people plant either charge work best. These can be taken quick if defending team is caught off guard since the 2 sets of objectives are kind of close.
-Forth Set: The last objectives on this map are kind of a joke. Even though its an up hill battle. Bravo can be brought down easily with C4 or with any remaining tanks. Alpha needs to be taken by force by either flanking far left or right or coming straight up the middle by the little hill infront of Alpha.

-First set of Objectives: Alpha and Bravo need to be taken by force using ALL assets IE Tanks/Helo/UAV. Due to this is one of the maps you really cant fire back into the attacker base. Even with all cover taken down. It benefits the attacking team more.
-Second Set: Since the playing field is kind of evened out a bit on this set all assets need to be used to the teams advantage. Flanking right seems to work well to come up behind the defending team since most seem to flock near the AA gun, tank and helo pad. Well placed covering fire by tanks can provide an easily planted charge and a evac out for the planter.
-Third Set: With a good team you may have alot of assets left over from the prior objectives. On this set flanking water line seems to work ok. To plant on Bravo defending team has to run back since majority of the team usually moves forward to set up a wall of fire. Plant on Bravo and conduct a team maneuver through the buildings to flank back and around to Alpha rinse and repeat.
-Forth Set: This set seems easy to me for some reason. Flanking water side to get up and around the defending team seems the best. Most get caught off guard when you get behind them and there pushed back againest the wall. Use roof tops here to your advantage to SPOT and provide cover fire.

-First Set of Objectives: Using the Helo to provide cover fire for this entire map is crucial. Since this map is so Linear the Helo forces defenders to look up rather then into the tree line. The bradley can help with some nice cover fire as well. Using the quad to get to the objectives help on this set of objectives. Take by force and continue to move. There is no time to stand still on this map.
-Second Set: Once again the Helo can play a huge role in this set of objective. Get a good pilot to place the helo on the back left behind them so they have to look behind rather the forward. Flanking water line is a good way to sneak up and around them to catch them off guard.
-Third Set: Helo again can help alot on this on by merely hovering and firing into the town. Forces the team to look left. While the team can maneuver through the rubble and come high left into town. Stay close to the wall while going in and you wont be seen. offers great cover fire over alpha and bravo.
-Forth Set: Probably one of the hardest set of objectives in the game needs to be taken by force. Helo can only provide some much cover staying in the front but the enemy will be looking that way anyway. Most of us know the tree hopping technique to get up on the cliff on the left. That can play a Kritikal turning point in this set. You can have a team plus slip by and open chaos on the defending team by only allowing 2 spawn spots. But over all this set of objectives needs to be moved in on hard and quick.
-Fifth Set: Though there is a big bottle neck here using the tank for cover fire into town and the Helo to drop people off. There is numerous places to hide and move in and out of buildings to set up spawns and choke points of the attackers own to set up a successful win.

Isla Inocentes:
-First Set of Objectives: Using the Helos to keep the defenders looking up helps. But to really get in there. Have 1 guy speed in on a jet ski on the low left by Bravo and move in. By then the team can spawn off him and move quickly up by the Heavy MG to quickly start watching them as they spawn. While creating confusion in the back 1 man can easily set and watch. While most smurfs will snipe and mortar strike the objectives.
-Second Set: Focus on Bravo this can be a huge turning point in the map since coming in by water makes you a open target. Using the right cliff way to maneuver up and into town while the Helo drops people off can create mass confusion. The tank and Mortar strikes can bring down Alpha.
-Third Set: This can be a tricky set of objectives even to a good team. Since they get an attack Helo almost and you have to charge up and over a hill with 5 Heavy MG's looking at the hill. Using smoke can help on this set. By pushing the defending team back into the warehouse and behind it, it makes an easy oppurtunity to use the fences to your advantage.

Nelson Bay:
-First Set: Not much to say other then to advance on this set. A smart Engineer and Assault can take these first 2 sets down not problem since both Objectives can be brought down.
-Second Set: Focus primarily on Alpha. There is multiple flanking oppurtunitys on this map for Alpha. You can provide some crucial covering fire just infront of Alpha if you take out all the walls. This also gives the defending team clear visibility to see you as well. But if taken by force and moved in quickly Alpha can be done by 2 men easily. Bravo can be brought down with C4 and Mortars or flanked right and up and over to take out anyone that may be on the MG.
-Third Set: Flanking left to set Alpha sometimes creates just enough confusing for 2 men to sneak in and set Bravo. Having 1 man over watch bravo by hiding behind the computer station in the next room allows you to see in at bravo and down the hallway if guys try to come in. Alpha isnt to hard to get into and set, there is multiple spots to overwatch in this area.

Cold War:
-First Set: I find by rushing in by force and heading straight to Alpha and arming helps alot. Using the first 3 building to Cover Alpha is easy to do a 2 to 3 man team can do this easily if they work well together. Bravo can be brought down from the hill by 40mm Grenade/C4 and Mortars.
-Second Set: Flanking low left to get to Alpha is a good way to get there and set. While other part of the team uses the technique to run up and over the hill and blowing a hole in the back roof to start roof hopping to over watch both objectives. Anyone can set while 1 team can actually defend both objectives with C4 and weapons while up on the roofs.
-Third Set: Bravo can be taken down with C4/Mortars/RPG/40MM. But Alpha is tricky on this. You can run up and over the rocks on the right to try and take out the few that are over watching Alpha. This can create enough gun fire for 1 man to sneak in and arm Alpha. You can also arm Alpha through the wall. And if worst come to worst smoke the area and move in. As a cheap tactic you can throw C4 over the rocks on the right and they land right on Alpha and just tick away at the Objectives.

Arica Harbor:
-First Set: So on this map it is key in my opinion to use the Tanks to there full advantage. Alpha is always taken down by Tanks quickly enough. Bravo can be tricky especially trying to move in by vehicle cause the 2 tanks, 2 stationary guns and a bunch of land minds. But to map this first set happen quick. Move in by quad or humvee quick and try and get 1 or 2 guys in the middle to arm Bravo quickly. Cause most will be laying minds or maneuvering there tanks into positions.
-Second Set: Tank bash Bravo down. This will force most to go Engineer and to try and take the tank out. While this happen flanking low left into town to get low and into the town works great. Get in and behind them to catch them off guard. Once in move up towards Alpha and Bravo if its not down. Alpha can be tricky on this set but not bad if played right. By having 1 or 2 guys go in to plant the charge and 1 guy watching from across the street can really stir up confusion long enough for the 2 inside to plant, defend off come coming in and the guy across the street can, spot and pick off defenders trying to come to disarm.
-Third Set: This set can be taken out quick if moved in by force. By placing the Tank on the low left by the tracks it can overwatch the 2 objectives. While having to huge flanking routes helps alot as well. 1 being by the water way. Slow but smooth can make you lethal here. There is also the far right that allows you to move through the building and overall behind the defending team to take down these objectives.
-Forth Set: This one can be tough if not Rushed in. If you have the tank and placing it just before were Bravo used to be you can fire into town and forcing the defenders to either look at the Tank or make them move to the left. In which case you can come through the water and up and behind them. Planting Alpha is the big one on this one, as were Bravo can be bashed from a far and long enough to allow the team to move in.
-Fifth Set: This one can be hard cause the objectives are in the same building just a floor a part. and it basically makes you funnel your way to it. So it you have your tank still, this helps the team out alot. Place the Tank were the old MG used to be and fire into the building. This will not only kill people but will clear out people to hide and create holes for team members to move in. Once in its easiest to set one and move to another and just run up and down and try to clear the floors so they cant move in. Once you have 3 to 4 people in there moving to the back to see people running in helps as well as the tank still firing into the base.

Port Valdez:
-First Set: Use the Tank to bash down Alpha while the team moves up either by quad or foot and sets in on Bravo. There is alot of places to hide while in town so move in arm and cover/watch team arming.
-Second Set: Even though its a huge funnel. These can be taken down easily by 1 guy. Using the Tank to bash Alpha down first then by clearing out the trees, and other hiding spots for the defenders you can bash Bravo down as well. Since you bashing it forces the whole team to look at you almost. And since thats happening it provides enough time for team members to sneak in and arm or run a muck.
-Third Set: This can be trick now that they have the Apache. Even if they have a good pilot use the AA gun tank and take it down. Never drive the AA tank into town leave it in town if possible so that it doesnt take our 1 asset away of taking the Helo down. You can also flank low left in the water to get into town easily. Once in town set both objectives may be easy but Alpha provides almost no coverage except from the adjacent building but the walls need to be blown out. You can also swim all the way around the there back side construction tower by using the ladders. Go up and go down, keep in mind you only have 9 secs in the water or you die.
-Forth Set: Now this may sound funny but the best way to approach this Objective is to flank low left under the pipes and get back and around to take out Alpha first. That way Bravo is left and you can almost pinch the defending team to spawn in 2 spots. Once Alpha is down Motion Mines and bullets will help take down Bravo.

Laguna Presa:
-First Set: With this Map there is way to many possibilities to flank by boat or foot. You can easily move in by Jet Ski and set Alpha in the first few seconds of play. Move in by force and take these down and use the bushes to you advantage and they go down quick.
-Second Set: These can be difficult if you use the Tanks cause there is to many spots to hide mines and use C4. The way i find best is to drive the Quad up the right and out of bounds and come back in to be back up and behind Alpha. IF this is done correctly. Everyone should be forward and you should be able to plant Alpha and defend it. Having some team members may help but you can easily use the bushes and trees to keep you covered. By being in the back you can create havoc back there and pick off guys respawning to trying to move back in.
-Third Set: Can be tricky since there is only 2 ways in really and the defending team has multiple looks on the area. If you can let some move forward to clear the way. Then use a quad or humvee to move water way to get down and behind the enemy. They way you can create a spawn point for your team raise hell on the defenders. It helps to have medics on this set cause you can quickly kill and revive team members. Once objectives are set, if your in a good position you can pick off runners coming in on either objective.
-Forth Set: This set imho is quick and easy. You have 5 different routes you can take to get into both objectives and arm and a strong duoing team can defend both by clearing a few walls or simple overwatching long enough for more to spawn or smurfs to move is as well since its a quick jump away from the last objectives. For once your actually looking down at the defending team.
-Fifth Set: I find by moving in high left and getting behind them by running up and over the rocks and getting behind the Blue fence can create some great oppurtunities for your team to get in and basically push the defenders into either corner. The Defenders are blind to Bravo but can see Alpha with ease. But once set it is easy to cover from that high left on both objectives or simply being across the way from Alpha or below the building next to it to see in and under the floor.

So this is my Basic run down of all the maps. I know it short and simple, but for me its to the point for each. I hope by reading this it shows you some insight on how i play and can maybe help you out as well. Just remember never focus on an objective that can be brought down by a wookie, cause we all know there will be plenty of them. So i hoep you enjoyed my run down and fill free to ask be about anything else. I may do defending but that one may take me awhile. But for now i'll see you on the Battlefield.


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Re: Basic run down.

Post  mavik227 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:18 pm

awesome strategies kritikal. we should practice them in a private match or something to get used to the strategies.


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