recruiting section?

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recruiting section?

Post  mavik227 on Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:53 am

LoS New Recruit Application
Welcome new recruits, please fill out this application to get your tryout underway.
Please Note: Questions proceeded by an asterisk (*) are compulsory.

What is your PSN?*

What is your Email address?*
We need your email to be able to contact you for any reason

Do you have a microphone?*
LoS does NOT require the use of a microphone for squad communication during game play but using a microphone during play improves team work

How often do you play?*
Just tell us how often you play. This has no bearing on your accpatance but is for us to gadge your activity level.

What is your current rank?*

What is your current K/D?*
that way we can help you improve it, if needed.

What Time Zone are you in?*
This helps us match you with players, gauge times you will be on, and speeds up tryouts, since we have members all over the world..

What is your Date of Birth?*
We would like our members to be at least 16+. We often use of explicit language, so be prepared.

How did you hear about us?*
If you were sent to this app by another LoS member please let us know who. We like to reward members who recruit good players into the clan or post recruitment messages on websites where you heard about us.

Have you been part of any clans before, if so which ones?

This is for us to know a little about your history and where you have come from.
Tell us about yourself..

We'd like to know why you want to join LoS and your gaming background/experience.

Random Question:
What are LoS's Clan Tags (LoS)?
LoS can be anything you want it to be,
-Lick our Sacks
-Last ones Standing
-Lack of Sanity
-Last of Sinners


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