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Post  Alex-boy on Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:06 pm

I am fairly new to Battlefield but not to online competitive multiplayer gaming, also I won't say "I've done & seen it all" but I'd say that I've had my share. I used to be Call of Duty player (COD), COD4 & World at War were the COD games I enjoyed the most. The second one, in my humble opinion if it hadn't been for the MP40 Juggernoobs it could've been a masterpiece for that franchise, that's where I fell in love with the Tommy Gun (link) and that game had the COD equivalent of rush, it was called WAR(link) the link is only to give you an idea. Well back to business, since I come from games that tend to alienate players and encorages them to play solo, camp and whatnot, condering myself as a smart player, I had to learn how to read other players and the enemy team at the same time so I know in wich games you can play with your Achievement Class the one with gun you are working on your platinum star and when it's time to put your shit together and take out your best guns with your best sidearm, this brings me to my first point:

1. Learn to read the Match/Enemy: Here the Select and Start buttons could be one of your best friends, with Select you can light up enemies, that means it will have the little orange triangle wich the whole team can see as a foe if you keep it pressed it will bring out the scoreboard without going to Menu, Why will you need the scoreboard? For two reasons mainly: who your enemies are high or lowers ranks, that means if they're high ranks at the very least the know the maps and in the worst case scenario (with seasoned 50's) they'll know every trick in battlefield book. Next to this is the individual score, here you should pay attention to the first half of the two teams if they are above the 1000 points and compare it to the "age" of the match against the raimaining tickets (lives) i.e. If your first half has 1000 points or below, the enemy's half has 1500 and above and there's 35-40 tickets left: You are getting schooled boy! there's an exception Chopper Whores can get a lot of points by killing and destroying vehicles but if the rest of their team isn't arming or defusing, the will most certainly loose. The start button will bring up the full map, here you can read your team's position on the battlefield and position yourself better.

2. The Feeling, the class and the Gun-gly: With "the feeling" I don't mean let's sync our periods and get all corny and shit, no sir! I mean The feeling of the Battlefield man, One needs to know when it's time to push forward the frontline and when to hardcore camp it (this on defense) because I've seen this flaw on our gameplay one too many times, pushing forward the frontline without using the feeling of the match, Kritikal and I have seen this, with 7 or 4 tickets left, the rushed into town, arm the MCOM and we loose because we're too far away from base "pawning" the attacker at spawn (I think other clan mates can elaborate with their own personal experience). Along with the feeling comes the class if the match is tough, see how many are of each class if you see a lot of engineers they'll be needing a lot of ammo, but if you switch to Assault to gun&run into their spawn there's not much point to it, right? Your team will still lack the ammo. If you feel unconfortable with G3 and the Thompson in vehicle oriented maps, use any other AR with a 4x scope to take down snipers and light up enemies, if you are an engineer repair vehicles and turrets, don't spawn and rush without giving a proper use to your class, one should always pay attention to the icon above players and mini-map it will give you information oriented to your class, if the players needs a health pack, ammo or the vehicle needs repairs. I joined the clan a few days after I reached level 50, that means 49 levels before, I played solo, wich reminds me to some funny shit about all this bashing between Call of Duty vs Battlefield, reading the trash talk in forums/comments and whatnot saying things like: "Hey COD-Fag go back to camp and run&gun in cod, here's all 'bout teamwork"... Teamwork? My nuts are teamwork! LOL! Before I played with a full team, man I struggled with human ignorance and/or egoism, as an engineer shooting my pistol into the turd's head and then shooting the ground (didn't know about the select button back then LMAO) but I figured with the big symbol of an ammo box above my head would be abvious, turns out it is not Shocked Some shot their pistol at me too, others emptied the AR clip on my ass and followed me around doing that and the there was the one that ran away from me... Mad

I was going to post about some weapons but I'd rather create a topic under BC2 category.

I really hope this is somehow helpful to all of you guys.

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