Rules and Regulations of LoS

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Rules and Regulations of LoS

Post  Kritikal808 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:31 am

We would first off like to welcome all those here to our site and to let you know this is a drama free clan. Even though we call ourselves a clan we consider ourselves a bunch of guys that just like to log on and jam a few games and have a good time doing it. Even though we are a bunch of nice guys "Please" expect some bad language, so if you are one that does not like bad language, you may want to turn your mic down. Now we like to consider that we are all decent players and enjoy BFBC2 to the fullest. So please while on our site even though we know we may receive some "Trolls" from time to time, please keep the bashing to a minimum, UNLESS it was brought on us first.

1. LoS purpose in BFBC2 is to enjoy the game to the fullest. We don't expect much but we encourage objective players. We know we all have days and nights were we choose to play different classes and approach games in different style's. But for the most part we like to have players provide the Clan with potential spots to spawn, attack and provide support from.

2. LoS is full of all different types of play style's and people. But LoS highly discourages "T-Bagging". UNLESS it was provoked by someone else, and in that case it is a free for all and let it be known that set provoker may receive multiple bags to the forehead and chin. This may sound like a dumb rule but it is a rule we all agree on, here at LoS. So with that said, the best way to put it. Is "Don't start something that we may finish".

3. LoS is a clan built up primarily of guys that like to play "Rush". Now with that said, it does not mean we don't play other mode's. We have a wide spread of people that enjoy playing Rush, Conquest and Squad Death Match. Players that like to play both Hardcore and Core. We encourage players that like to play any game mode to send invite's to other members and we do appreciate that all members jam with one another.

4. As a clan we do not condone extreme cheap tactic's. What I mean by that is we all have Spawn Camped, Crate Bashed, C4-UAV. Now I know there is a few im missing but for the most part i know we have all done them. BUT from our clans point of view the items in game would not be there if not used to there full potential. But as previously stated we are an objective focused clan. We have a very good selection of members in our clan to take on the heaviest of clans. But we encourage that all members and clan friends attack first before resorting to above stated method's.

5. Now with all this being said in the end LoS welcomes all that would like to join us or just even jam a few games with us. There is a test run with one of the officers in the clan that you will have to do a couple game run through with to ensure you enjoy "OUR" play style. We aren't saying were trying to train anyone or show them how to play. What we are saying is we want to see that you enjoy what we do and that you mesh with the clan.

In conclusion with the few topics we do have. We just want all to know we are a competitive group of guys that enjoy the game for what it is. We don't do Clan Battle's and stats mean nothing to us. Cause for majority of us and im sure I can speak for the clan when i say "It's a game". We like to have fun and be in good company while we do it. So if anyone is interested in our Clan or just want to stop in and say hello. We would all just like to say "Keep our Guns loaded and our Vehicle's repaired" and will see you out there on the Battlefield.

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